It's Time to Be Thankful

We all love Thanksgiving. Whether it is because we are getting some much needed time away from the classroom, we get to see family, we get to eat good food, or a little of all of the above, Thanksgiving is a wonderful time of the year.

For me, Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday because of many reasons: One is the fact that I get to see my family in an atmosphere that is stress-free because there are no gifts toHappy Thanksgiving! give or receive. Another reason is that I absolutely LOVE turkey and stuffing! Even though I try to be a healthy eater the rest of the year, all bets are off at Thanksgiving! I’m even going to be preparing TWO meals this year because of family schedules. Most of all, Thanksgiving is my favorite time of year because it reminds me to stop and take inventory of all the wonderful blessings I have in my life.

Take a moment to comment here and tell us something you are thankful for. While you’re at it, head over to the DEN in Second Life blog and find out how you can participate in the “Thankful for . . .” project in Second Life. One can never spend too much time being thankful!

Everyone in the Texas Leadership Council would like to wish all of you and your families a safe and wonderfully happy Thanksgiving!

From your Leadership Council: Linda, Elaine, Karen, Judith, Beth, Howard, Ann, Lori, and Kim


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  1. Steven Onken said:

    I am thankful for the blessing of family! My father passed away this past April, and it’s such a blessing to have family rally around you during the holidays. My mom will be joining my wife and me for Thanksgiving, along with several in-laws, my daughter, and her soon-to-be fiancé –> the blessing of family EXPANDING! 🙂

  2. Elaine Plybon said:

    I am also thankful for family. My son just passed his fifth year anniversary from cancer treatment, earning him a label of “cancer-free”! How can I not feel blessed this Thanksgiving? I am also thankful for good health, good friends, and Earth.

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