'Take a Picture, It Will Last Longer' Event

Thanks to Riptide for leading this workshop.

First pics from the workshop

The workshop covered different options in the FILE menu and the choices in the the snapshot preview.  Participants went over managing the viewer  using different combinations of the CTRL+ALT+SHIFT keys.  Everyone learned how to send postcard snapshots using the snapshot preview and their pictures can be seen in Flickr using the tag slpostcard (see link
above).  The attendees were given hands on practice exploring a multi-sided cube end table trying to find a hidden object by using their camera/view controls to zoom and look around it without leaving their seats.

The workshop moved into more hands-on experience.  Riptide rezzed specially made backdrops with poseballs and the participants were encouraged to choose one or two and take a picture that makes them look like they were at those places in Second Life.  The backdrops included standing the at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall, underwater at the The Abyss, in a hurricane at The Weather Channel HQ, a ski slope at The House of Snow, walking on The Great Wall of China and visiting a Mayan pyramid at Visit Mexico. Hopefully participants will send us some of those pictures so we can see how they did.  (HINT, HINT, HINT! LOL)

The workshop then moved on to more advance options by uncovering the hidden menus of Client and Server by typing CTRL+ALT+D on the keyboard.  They learned how to take high quality photos and also turning off the snapshot sound so you don’t disturb presentations or other events with the sound of your picture taking.  They talked about and practiced using the Disable Camera Constraints option in the Client menu.  All explored Eduisland II while remaining seated at the workshop.

The workshop ended with some more practice of the handling the viewer.  Participants were charged with the task of finding an object that Riptide had hidden on the roof of the DEN building but they had to stay on the ground.

If you weren’t able to attend the workshop, don’t worry…plans are underway to coerce Riptide to offer this workshop again.


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  1. Patricia Hawkenson said:

    I arrived too late and without a working headset. It looked like all participants were fully engaged in the fun. The backdrops were amazing as it appeared people stepped right into the picture, very remnicent of Mary Poppin’s and the chalk drawings! Hopefully, I won’t miss the next opportunity!

  2. Pam Shoemaker said:

    I FINALLY found that hidden object on the roof, about 10 minutes after the class ended (I was slow, but persistent). I took a picture and sent a postcard to Rip… and then SL crashed. The workshop was fun and I learned a lot. Thanks for a great class.

  3. Pat Ruffing said:

    I totally needed this one and I missed it! I am forever losing things inside walls. PLEASE offer this again! And thanks for all the great sessions that have already been offered. I learn amazing things each time thanks to all you great presenters. Your efforts are greatly appreciated!

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