TED Talks and PowerPoint

I ran across a blog from the President and CEO of Thomas Nelson Publishers, a publisher of Christian books and Bibles. In it, he talked about the need for people to learn how better to use PowerPoint. As I clicked on links he provided, I ran across a great example of PowerPoint in a TED Talk by Larry Lessing.

While watching the video, I realized Lessing was addressing a question raised by David Warlick in another blog post I read some weeks back. That question has to do with copyright and the way kids today are taking control of their culture through the creation of various types of mashups online.

I am including a link to the video here for two audiences. First, if you want to see the absolute best use of PowerPoint I’ve ever witnessed, you need to watch at least part of this video. If, on the other hand, you want to learn more about how our kids are changing culture and the need for laws and business to keep up with that change, then watch the whole thing (about 18 minutes).

I would love to know your thoughts about either when you are finished.


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