I KNOW he’s gonna kill me when he reads this post, but too bad!!!

I’ve posted elsewhere, and I believe I might even have posted here how I believe we are no longer dealing with the ‘read/write’ web, but rather with what I’ve coined ‘Web C3‘ which is Consume, Contribute, and Collaborate.  I know that we use different tools for the collaboration portion.  We do call outs for help on Twitter, work together on VoiceThreads, etc.  Even though we’re working together we’re not always there together.  Second Life changes all of that.  Let me repeat:  SECOND LIFE CHANGES ALL OF THAT!!!

Here’s what happened…I was working on gathering some final pics to include in my presentation for the upcoming NYSCATE conference in Rochester, I logged into SL, and WHAT?????!!!!!????? every white sign had a pink tinge to it!  OH NO!!!!  It couldn’t be!  I tp.ed to ISTE and luckily RavenPhoenix was there.  She gave me some great pointers, but none helped.  I logged out, logged in, downloaded the updates, NOTHING!!!  So I put out a 411 via gmail to Riptide and within moments (literally) he was in-world.  We met at DEN HQs and he talked me through various scenarios and within minutes he narrowed it down to the fact that I had an ‘X’ in front of ‘beacons on’ (or some such thing) in my View menu.  He saved my presentation!!!  It was so much more powerful having someone actually (virtually???) there with me.  Yes, he could have e-mailed me back (and forth, and back and forth, etc.), I could have twitted my problems (though as you know, still not a Twit-fan), or we could have called, but his being there with me made all the difference and resolved my issues almost immediately.

Second Life is the PERFECT platform for ‘Web C3‘ — we consume the information others have created, we contribute to that body of knowledge with objects and notecards, and we are able to collaborate in real time.

RIP…YA THE BESTEST!!!  And I’m honored to have you on our team!!!  GO DEN IN SL LC!!!


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