Land of Lincoln

lincoln__abraham__medium.jpg      We spent last Wednesday through Friday at Illinois’ fall edtech conference and celebrated the DEN at a reception with about 50 educators (55 if you count the folks in Second Life), account manager Chris Ryan, and brand new Midwest DEN manager, Michael Bryant. The door prize drawing took on an extra level of excitement as the SL attendees did back flips and shot off fireworks to celebrate the winners and then tried to get their own names into the hat. As with many things enhanced and expanded by the web, it looks like we have to give more thought to “must be present to win.”

There were lots of good ideas floating around the conference and I’m sure a number will surface here later. However, the one that I will be latching onto immediately will supply the theme for our ’09 IL video festival: it’s Lincoln’s 200th birthday! Photo: Paul Fuqua. “Lincoln, Abraham.” unitedstreaming:

While trying to mount my first slideshare in order to make my Makin’ Movies webinar PPT available to attendees, I found this interesting share by Alan Levine for the New Media Consortium Conference at Tulane: “50 Web 2.0 Ways to Tell a Story.”

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