Free Holiday Resources from Kathy Schrock!

Searching for and sifting through thousands of available resources online can be daunting and time consuming. Discovery Education’s free School Resources website helps educators spend less time hunting for activities, leaving more time for teaching and assessment.

And this season, teachers can find a myriad of free holiday-focused resources in Kathy Schrock’s Guide for Educators, available on the Discovery Education School Resources website. In addition to holiday resources that bring the cultural and historical aspects of the season to life, Kathy Schrock’s Guide for Educators has a comprehensive list of subject area websites and teacher tips that make lesson plans more efficient and engaging for students.

Other tools on the Discovery Education School Resources website that enhance lessons and create an interactive learning environment include:

  • Lesson Plan Library: hundreds of original lesson plans, written by teachers for teachers.
  • Puzzlemaker: tools to generate puzzles, including crossword puzzles, math squares and word searches.
  • Clip Art Gallery: thousands of images in the clip art gallery.
  • Brain Boosters: an archive of challenging mental exercises, including categorization, lateral thinking, logic, number and math play, reasoning, spatial awareness, and word and letter play activities.
  • Learning Adventures: interactive lessons and games that address major subject areas.
  • Science Fair Central: tips, project ideas, guidelines, and safety rules about running and participating in a science fair, sponsored by Elmer’s.
  • Curriculum Center: classroom activities supporting core curriculum topics.
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    1. Robert Bassett said:

      Wow! What a great resource! You have helped me immensely…It is so hard to sift throught this cyber-emporium of worldwide sites and resources, and finding this one is a great help for clipart especially!

      Thanks again…

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