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I cross-published this over on my Cliotech blog.  I thought that many of you are SlideShare users and would appreciate the following information. 

In case you didn’t notice the last time you signed into your SlideShare account, the service now offers various privacy settings for your presentations.

Check out the details on the new privacy settings on SlideShare.

The settings include various levels of viewing and accessibility:

You get complete control over who, what, how to share! The privacy feature should address (but not be limited to) the following use cases-

– keeping slideshows private to yourself; this comes with complete freedom to switch back and forth between private & public without any restrictions

– sharing with all your contacts

– sharing with only some of your contacts (we have introduced the ability to make user lists from your contacts and share documents only with that list)

– every private slideshow will now (optionally) have a Secret URL; you can send this URL to anybody by email, IM etc (irrespective of whether that person has an account on slideshare or not) and the slideshow will be viewable by him/her

– you can turn off the embedding (embed code) for private slideshows; this allows you to control the virality and propogation of your slides

– you can send business presentations to your clients, customers, office colleagues for private viewing

– you can embed slideshows on password protected websites, company intranets without apprehension about the documents appearing publicly on slideshare

– you can virtually use your slideshare account like an online repository, uploading presentations for public or private sharing; there is of-course no restriction to how many files you can have in your account or any usage/bandwidth limits.

I LOVE this feature, especially when using SlideShare with students.

So, if you have been shying away from SlideShare because your content wasn’t appropriate for the entire World Wide Web, give SlideShare another look.

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  1. rashmi said:

    Thanks for writing about us.We definitely thought of teachers when we built this feature, so it is great to hear that they like it.

    SlideShare cofounder

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