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     No, I’m not writing about Hall or me. While perusing a StreamingMedia email I ran across an article by Paul Rismandel, the manager of digital media production for the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. Coincidentally, today I was going to blog about a writing program down there at UIUC that uses video production to help students communicate. Maybe they can use some of that skill to help the football team’s chances for a bowl bid. Anyhow, I’ll put the writing program on hold and use Paul’s column as a segue for it.

I mostly browse Streaming Media to keep on eye on what the “industry” is up to or sees coming down the road. It was the email title “The Future of Educational Video?” that piqued my interest this time and made me dig deeper. Originally, this was published in the print version’s “Class Act” column as the “Blair Witch Podcast.” I like his point of view just in titles alone. And a couple of his points that really struck a chord with me are:

  • “the democratization of media-making tools is a powerful force for education”
  • students need not spend semesters in video/film production classes in order to make decent videos and podcasts
  • “It is time for the academy to take audio and video seriously.”

You can read his article in full at the Streaming Media website. And catch his blog at


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