Need a Video Editor and can't afford Premier Elements?

Hope everyone’s first day back to school went well. I spent the second half of my day sitting in a district conference room with the district IT staff discussing Clean Sweep vs. Deep Freeze as well as the use of Altiris within the district in which I work. Nothing like a half day on your first day back! So no complaints from me!

I’m a little late in reading about this. Only found out about it from Miguel Guhlin via Twitter. (if you are NOT on twitter, then why not?) Leonard Low shared (see link above here) on how to obtain a free full version of Camtasia Studio (build 3.1.3). I don’t know about you, but being an educator and having the ability to have something for free is pretty nice.

I will make a disclaimer here…I’ve never used the software, so I do not really have a comparison to it’s ease of use, functionality and its features. The main point is that it’s FREE.

Happy Editing!


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BTW, did I mention that it was FREE yet???


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  1. Thomas Allison said:

    Thanks for the post about Camtasia! I have been looking for software to do screen capture and this seems to fit the bill.
    On another subject, I have used deep freeze in the past and it works wonders on student oriented machines however it does it’s job too well at times. For example, while supervising my students in the computer lab I was also entering grades, typing papers, doing lesson plans etc. When we left the lab I shut down and returned the next day only to find that all the work I did was gone! I had completely forgotten that Deep Freeze was on that machine as well. Out It people were loathe to giving out a Deep Freeze password to every teacher for security reasons and it is next to impossible to find one of those guys when you need them to turn it off for a period or two.
    Just something to keep in mind as you mull over these products.

  2. Joe Brennan said:

    I don’t think Camtasia would be a replacement for Premier. Like SnapZ Pro for the Mac, it’s a screen recording program – great for making training videos. Mac folks using Leopard can pick up a free screen recorder called Berio from And if for some reason you PC users can’t get a free license for Camtasia, try the JingProject: This is by the makers of Camtasia and the drawback is that it only saves the movie to THEIR server. Staff have to use the URL to see the screen video. They have a Mac version too.

  3. Tom Turner said:

    Listen to what Joe Brennan says says I…Was not sure if I mentioned it or not, that I didn’t test it out before putting it out there.

    So again, I’d take what Joe says very seriously.


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