Writing with Video

quillpen.gif      How’s this for a university course description?
“Directed writing is integrated into all aspects of the production process — brainstorming and conceptualization, drafting and storyboarding, revision, and critique. Writing is positioned as an integral part of the process of thinking, problem solving, and creating… Students who understand visual, time-based communication and have robust writing skills will have a competitive advantage in the coming decades.”

Continuing with our tour of the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign’s take on using today’s tools to give students a voice, we visit Maria Lovett’s Writing with Video class. According to the article on Apple’s education profiles page, she and Professor Joseph Squier were investigating what it means to be literate in this day and age. Students seem to be eager to help them find an answer. The course went from one section with 6 students in 2005 to 180 students filling six sections and a waiting list this semester. From illustrating parts of speech to interviewing each other, students share their learning in their own words and images.

If you are reading this blog, you are probably in the “choir” but isn’t it nice to know who is singing along with you?

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