TETC Discovery Streaming Session Is A Huge Hit!

Teryl and I struggled most of the morning trying to get wifi connections working, videos linked correctly, and inviting friends to join us via Skype or Twitter for our TETC session on ways to use Discovery Streaming in the classroom.

We spent our lunch hour doing a mini training with a few friends.  We looked at Photo Story 3, Twitter, Audacity, Animoto, Slideshare, and more.  We decided next year we might just set up a training in the hallway and see how many people would stop by!

Teryl brought 40 brochures and 20 DVDs to give away to attendees. We both thought this would be way more than we needed.  Honestly, I thought it would be a success if we had 8 or 10 people come by to our session.  Not because we aren’t good, mind you.  There are just a lot of sessions going on.

Our room had 70 chairs.  We had 82 people crammed into the room.  This fact was punctuated by the “Session Full” sign posted on our billboard outside the door.  We were gobsmacked!  We were both so blown away that I totally forgot to take pictures!

Got to go for now.  Sitting in a Web 2.0 session hosted by Apple.


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  1. Scott H said:

    Hey! It was great meeting the two of you. Sorry I was one of those that missed the coffee break session! I really hope that this conference gets a facelift. This will be my fourth one and I still miss the days of being at the Opryland hotel…location, location, location…it brings in teachers and more vendors. If not at Opryland…how about Chattanooga or Knoxville…anywhere except Memphis! 🙂

    I’m glad your session went better than you imagined it would!!!

  2. Marilyn M said:

    You guys were great! I learned so much from the session. I am investigating the things that I learned right now so that I can share with my colleagues on Monday!!! I want to be a Star Educator also.
    I am glad that you were overwhelmed by the attendance. Again, superb job!!!

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