I just really wanted to say “nomenclature” so I thought I’d write an entire post on it. Actually, I had been a bit confused by the changes in names of some Discovery products over the last few months and wanted to get a few things cleared up. In particular, I was curious about the new “Discovery Streaming.”

I spoke to Jannita Demian, a national manager for the Discovery Educator Network to get some insight on what I thought was a a huge brand name (United Streaming that is). Jannita said that Discovery wanted all of their products to have brand unity and that, as big as United Streaming is, the name Discovery has even bigger brand recognition. For instance, most people know of the Discovery Channel and now they can connect the two. Makes sense…

Don’t forget to check out this great Discovery site to catch their episodes of your favorite shows! (I get a $1.00 kick-back for everyone who clicks on this… kidding). Along those lines, many other major stations offer online access to their shows as well. Missed the last episode of Grey’s Anatomy? Catch it on


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