"I Touch the Future, I Teach"

conf.png“I Touch the Future, I Teach” was the wise and memorable quote from Christa McAuliffe. At the technology conference named for her in New Hampshire, I heard wonderful stories about her mother, Grace, the archetypal New England lady. Twenty years ago I was working in the library media branch of the Los Angeles Unified School District when Challenger was launched. LAUSD had its own television station (still does!) at KLCS and was one of the teachers working with the materials for classrooms supplied by NASA. I still have a box, somewhere, of those classroom guides and doing the closing keynote at the Christa McAuliffe Technology Conference was quite an honor for this old media teacher. The conference was a greatnhste.png one, with 19 concurrent sessions that it made it hard to choose. Matt Monjan and I did workshops in media, and deep dives into Discovery Streaming and teachers there were great. I worked on content building from the basis of PowerPoint media through PhotoStory, MovieMaker, and Adobe Premiere Elements and a session on Google Earth (handouts below). The conference was a great tribute to continuing the reach of technology into the classroom, where in New Hampshire they ‘reach for the stars.’ Serendipidously, I will be returning to klcs.pngKLCS on December 8, where the DEN is having an all-day Saturday with savvy presenters from southern California. Be there! After a seven hour flight from Boston to San Francisco–headwinds!–I arrived at the California League of Middle Schools and High Schools / CUE Technology Conference. After doing a Google Earth workshop with the great Jerome Burg, some people told me that they had implemented some of the things I talked about last year–and they worked. That always makes a presenter feel good and I hope I’ll hear that when I return to New Hampshire.

Handouts: This is the link we used during the keynote for the GCast cellphone podcast. Keynotes should be interactive–don’t you agree?

Why is Winter Colder than Summer? – Don’t forget to go to GCast and get your own free cellphone podcasting website. It’s fun and it works! I will put a pdf of the whole keynote up when I have the bandwidth (see below).

Google Earth PowerPoint: Here is a pdf of the PowerPoint and the Word doc of the copy-and-paste codes for cool effects. This is slightly different because it is the one I used in Georgia, not New Hampshire. Same information.

New 3 “R’s” / Digital Media for Every Classroom. Here is a handout I build based on what we did in these sessions. Took a bit of time to pull together shots of everything we did, but here it is: PowerPoint, PhotoStory, Movie Maker, and Adobe Premiere Elements. This is not a complete look at these programs, of course, since we only had an hour. But this is a review of what we did.

Thanks! Hall


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