Make your students’ fingers fly with Adora Svitak!

Did you know that Adora Svitak read her first chapter book at age 3 1/2?

Or that she reads about 2-3 books per day?

Or that she has written over 300 stories and two books?

All this and she’s only ten years old!

Gather up your students for a very special Discovery Connect webinar with Adora and learn how she makes writing come alive. Adora’s extensive knowledge of history, love of language, enthusiasm, and incredible talent for communicating her ideas and emotions will inspire both you and your students!

Adora’s webinar will begin promptly at 11:00am EST on Wednesday, December 5th. Click her to register for it!

No telephone connection will be necessary, audio will be available through your computer speakers. All that’s required to attend is a computer with an internet connection!

If you’re experienced with webinars or if this will be your first, you won’t want to miss Adora’s inspiring literacy tips and experiences.


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  1. Anne Reardon said:

    We just finished watching this webinar and it was fantastic! Thanks so much, Steve and the DEN for bringing it to us. Our kids can’t wait to get the story we started so they can continue it!!

    Keep up the great work!!

  2. Teryl Magee said:

    Wow! The kids loved “talking” with Adora. They are also excited to continue the story. What an inspiring experience for them. My next hope is to set up a Polycom session with her! That way the kids can see and hear her!

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