User generated videos, approved by Scientists

We all know there’s good stuff in YouTube and Google Video. People have created some amazing videos, but sometimes it’s just a bit challenging finding the good stuff. You know, the stuff that’s actually… what’s the word I’m looking for? FACTUAL. I mean, I could make a video about what happened during the Civil War, but that doesn’t mean the stuff I include actually happened!

Enter As it says right above the search bar, “Every science video on ScienceHack is screened by a scientist to verify its accuracy and quality.” I do have some reservations about how high the quality is on some of their videos (such as this one of somebody solving a Rubik’s Cube underwater). But they balance that one off with videos about Electronegativity, and the Ionic Bond. While high quality, these videos seem to emit a stench of copyright violation. They certainly don’t look user generated.

Then you finally get what looks to me like genuine user generated videos that are actually educational. For example, the video below is community created video that demonstrates how much sugar is actually in a can of soda. Very cool, and the type of video I’d like to see more of. And after watching the video, I think I may pass on that Diet Coke today.


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  1. Hall Davidson said:

    Another interesting test is to toss a can of Coke and a can of Diet Coke (since we’re picking on Coke) into a pool or deep bathtub of water. The coke sinks and the diet drink doesn’t. Sugar apparently weighs more than water (denser, too). And I think Steve meant to pass on the Coke, not the Diet Coke, unless he’s seen even scarier videos on what’s inside the Diet can… 🙂

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