VozMe: Sometimes you want to be read to

This isn’t the most complicated Web2.0 tool, nor is it the shiniest, but it does exactly what it claims to do in a nice straightforward fashion.

Submit some text into vozMe and it’ll convert it to an MP3 so you can hear it read aloud.  Couldn’t be easier.  Gravitate to Spanish or Italian?  It’s supporting those two languages right now as well.

What’s really nice though is that you can download a WordPress Plugin, insert in a Blogger Widget, or embed it in any number of other ways.  You can even allow a user to select a portion of text and then click a button to hear it read aloud.

Fantastic for ESL students and students who have any sort of literacy issues.  Also great for taking long blog posts on the road with you to listen to in the car.

I’m still waiting for a free site that does the inverse, translates your voice into text.  There are plenty of pay services that do it, but haven’t seen a free one yet!  Keep your eyes open for me 😉

If you’re using your STAR DEN blog, is this a plugin that you might be interested in?


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  1. cheryl capozzoli said:

    Hi Steve,
    If you like vozme, then you will like http://www.odiogo.com/. It will create audio podcasts for your blog here. It sounds like a computer, but it’s great for people who would rather listen than read. I use it and it’s acutally not too bad. It is updated automatiacally every time you post to your DEN Blog. Check it out.

  2. Kevin Conner said:

    Steve – I’ve been using Jott http://www.jott.com for voice-to-text. There is a Blogger conduit that allows you to call an 800 number, speak into the phone, hang up , and when you check your Blogger blog you’llsee what you said translated into text. There is a 30-second limit per call, but you can make multiple calls. Jott can also be used to create reminders that come to your phone as voicemails and emails – cool!

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