Adora’s Archive and story starter!

“Bobby Baloney marched along with a determined look on his face, staring ahead into the gloomy darkness…”

So began the story that Adora created with the help of hundreds of teachers and students from all over the country! Her December 5th webinar was an exciting journey into the world of creative writing, as she shared the techniques she uses to create story after story after story!

The archive of the webinar has now been posted, complete with audio, visuals and the complete chat log. The latter half of the presentation featured a live demonstration as she created a compelling story starter from ideas submitted by the students in attendance. We’d love to see how your students finish the story!

Share the starter below with your students, and then share a link to ways that they complete it, or paste their stories as comments. Or if you want to go the extra mile, you could even record them reading their story aloud and share a link! Or include it in a Voicethread! The possibilities are endless 🙂 We can’t wait to see what you and your students come up with.

If you’d like to learn more about Adora, you can visit her website, check out her book Flying Fingers, or even consider having her do a private webinar for your students.

Bobby Baloney marched along with a determined look on his face, staring ahead into the gloomy darkness. Suddenly something flew out in front of him. He jumped back, then coughed sheepishly—it was only a white sheet.
He was on his way to the infamous Dark Mansion, one of the best haunted houses on the planet. (Or so the brochure read.) He could already hear moans and screams from broken windows as he drew closer to the vast estate, but found himself abruptly stopped at a black gate.
“Argh! Open sesame!” Bobby Baloney shouted to no avail, making a great fool of himself. “I paid good money to come here!” To himself, he thought, “Well, if this is a haunted house, I wonder how you even get inside!” He tried pushing against the gate again and managed to break down the bars. He ran through but stopped, hesitant, as he felt coldness swirl around him. Ghosts, he thought, with a feeling of terror pierce his heart. Well, I didn’t break down the gate for nothing, Bobby Baloney thought. I might as well go into the house.
He passed through the decrepit door easily and found himself in a dark and grim hall. He shuddered to himself and crept close to the wall, but felt no better.
He was especially not comforted when he felt something slimy grab his neck….

How does the story end? Only you and your students know!


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  1. Teryl Magee said:

    Ever since the webinar ended my kids have been asking if the story starter was up on the blog yet. They will be so excited tomorrow! Who would have ever thought? Thanks DEN!

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