Animal Planet + Eukanuba = 1 Outstanding Dog Show

jenith.jpgwelcome-big-show.jpgFrom  CA DEN Guest Blogger: Jenith Mishne

Thanks to Discovery, I had the opportunity to attend the AKC/Eukanuba National Championship Show in Long Beach, CA last weekend. While I have watched many dog shows on TV, I have never actually attended one. It was fascinating, but of course, you must be a dog lover! No cats allowed! Luckily, I am the proud owner of a chocolate and a black lab, and often dog-sit my sister’s yellow lab. Yes, I am that crazy dog lady walking down the street or being dragged I should say by the three of them.This show brings together the best purebred dogs to compete for the “Best in Show” title. Yes, for those of you wondering, you feel like you stepped right into the movie, Best in Show, not only great dogs to watch but great people watching as well. During the day, the dogs are judged and through a process of elimination they move on to compete for the title. In other areas, there is dog dancing, vendors and exhibits, and my favorite two activities: agility and sheep herding! I spent most of my time watching the larger dogs on the agility course. This is an invitation only competition. I was amazed at the size of the dogs that were able to run through the obstacle course in under 45 seconds. My favorite was a great dane, who made it look so easy. Later I watched as herding dogs, pushed around a flock of sheep. I sometimes wondered which of the two were better trained, the dog or the sheep.

All in all, it was an fantastic day, a chance to step into a whole different world, listening to the language of the breeders and regular attendees was so interesting. When I am thrown into new situations like this and am straining to hear what the people around me are saying or not understanding the language, I think this is what it is like for some of our students every day. It makes me stop to think, how I spent the day learning new information and how I can share new information effectively.

They had their own community that I was able to visit for the day, and luckily it was a very friendly one!

The show will air on February 2nd, although not as fun on TV, I recommend it!

To see video and pictures from the dog show:

For more information on the dog show:


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  1. Sue White said:

    My family and I were guests of Animal Planet also, and attended the Eukanuba National Championship on Sunday. We were amazed at the good behavior every dog exhibited as they roamed through the convention center with their handlers. It was interesting to talk with the owners about their dogs, and everyone was friendly and talkative. We learned about some unusual breeds and colorations, training for the agility course, and special grooming techniques and procedures.
    Having seen many shows on TV, the “back stage” area was fascinating. There was fur everywhere, and so many beauty supplies! Most dogs waited patiently in their crates for their special moment. We watched as trainers practiced with their dogs…a beautiful Afgan with flowing hair practically waltzing with a handsome young man in a tuxedo.
    The Best of Show competition was truly fascinating. Animal Planet provided VIP seating, and we were on the riser with the owners and judges who were wearing tuxedos, evening gowns, and plenty of sparkles. As we were a bit less formal, we chose to sit in the back row.
    I met Lady, a little Sealyham terrier, while walking around, and her owner told me about the breed and that Lady’s uncle had won best of breed that day. She felt he had a good chance to win best of show…and he did! Thanks to Animal Planet for an exciting, unique experience. I’ll be watching when the show airs on TV to see my new “friends” again.

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