From the Archives: Steve Burt’s Engaging Learners with Personal Home Pages

A few weeks ago, Steve Burt presented an incredible EdTechConnect that really stretched the thinking of the the attendees, forcing them to totally reconsider how they define classroom home pages.  The archive of that presentation is now available for you to view, complete with audio, visuals, and the entire chat log.  Whether you’re already on the cutting edge, or just starting your journey into the world of Web 2.0, this webinar has got something for everyone!

Engaging Learners with Personal Home Pages
The past two years have seen tools like Netvibes, Pageflakes, and Google’s IG (Individualized Google) emerge as novel ways for users to create their own start-page for their browser. Recently, the ability to share individual views (i.e. tabs) has made these tools more and more attractive to educators as a means to share bookmarks, explore common workspaces, and utilize RSS (Really Simple Syndication). This webinar will examine ways that administrators, teachers, and students can use these tools to make better use of professional development time and engage students effectively with technology and Web 2.0 tools and resources.

Steve Burt has been working for Clarity Innovations for the past five years as Manager of Content and Research. He oversees the development of new solutions for Clarity’s clients which typically involves blending research-based practices with emerging technologies such as personal home pages, RSS, and Drupal. He taught high school social studies, English, and technology for six years and was a building administrator for two years, as well. In 2000, he was named one of America’s Top 100 Teachers by Realistar. He can be reached at


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