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Thon Doing a BackFlip:
Thon Backflip

Gesture group

Riptide Furse cheers with the crowd! (sound of cheering)  There was a great turn out last night for the Gestures Show n Share Wednesday Workshop.  At final count 14 people joined us at the DEN HQ on Eduisland II.  The evening began by looking at what a gesture is versus an animation or pose ball.  We looked at the different ways that you can activate  or use gestures.  Then we moved on to things of a more serious nature — with each of us practicing a  gesture called /YABA.  You guessed it it was Fred Flintstone yelling, “Yabadabadoo!”  That gave us a chance to look at the gesture window where we  learned about assigning hot keys, triggers and activating the gesture so that the hot keys and triggers actually work. A highlight of the evening was the sharing mode where everyone in attendance received a box of 455 gestures.  One can only imagine the chaos that ensued as avatars tried out different gestures and watched other people use theirs.

A little while later the session moved to some hidden gems that can be found in everyone’s inventory.  Next time you’re in-world check out the ^Gesture^ folder in the ^Library^ (located BELOW your ^Inventory^).  There you will find a folder called ^Speech Gestures^.  When you drag and drop this folder on yourself, it copies the folder to your Inventory and also activates the gestures.  These are speech activated gestures that move to the sound of your voice when you have Voice Chat enabled.  This is a great tool for presenting in SL as it makes your avatar look less stiff.

Participants were then given a link to watch Torley Linden’s great tutorial about gestures.  It does a great job of explaining gestures and also can get you started on making your own gestures.  We discussed where you can find resources to start making your gestures such as the freebie shops, but also Discovery Streaming has a huge library of sound files that you can use if you convert them to .wav files and keep them under 9.5 seconds.

Several people made comments that they will have to attend Laelia Laval’s workshop “Your Inventory is not Your Junk Closet” next Wednesday to organize and clean out some their gestures (over 455 at last count!).

Thanks to the photos submitted by Thonalon Umarov as well as those taken by Lor Fredriksson and Riptide Furse.


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  1. Bonnie Bernstein (JoeD Ducatillon) said:

    This was a great session. I am not sure I like the speech gestures. I see myself gesturing even when I’m not speaking! It seems the gestures are triggered by other voices around me. Can I stop that?

  2. Riptide Furse said:

    Hi Bonnie,

    Depending on your computer setup, sometimes your microphone can be picking up the sound from your speakers. You might try using a headset with a mic or headphones.

    Thanks again for attending and hope to see you at future ones too.


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