Professional Development Available

After talking with teachers across Kansas over the past few years, many have expressed an interest in Discovery Education’s Unitedstreaming. The conversations were generally centered around how to best view videos, but there is a great deal more to Unitedstreaming than just watching videos.

Dean Mantz has created some Professional Development training sessions based on ideas from educators of all levels and abilities. He currently offers two different versions of training: Enriching Instruction while Addressing State Standards using Unitedstreaming and Beyond Streaming Videos.

The first training session focuses on developing unit plans that integrates the Writing Prompt and Quiz Builder. Writing Prompts created will use either clip art or digital images from Unitedstreaming to be implemented in a writing project that prepares students for the formative state writing assessment. Quiz Builder permits the combination of T/F, Multiple Choice & Multiple Choice/Multiple Answer questions, Essay type questions. When students complete the quiz, questions are graded and scores are e-mailed to the instructor. Essay responses are also e-mailed to the instructor for grading. There are many other features that can be added to the Assignment Builder including external websites and videos. Another training includes learning how to embed video into Inspiration to stimulate classroom discussion.

The second training session, Beyond Streaming Videos focuses on using Google Earth to create virtual tours with image overlays, videos, and website links. Developing classroom specific videos using MovieMaker/iMovie and Unitedstreaming clips to stimulate critical thinking and student expression is integrated within this session.

Two other trainings that Dean offers are using eInstruction Clicker Systems and Power Point Jeopardy Games. Participants receive a CD containing many different lessons, integration training guides, and other materials taken from the Discovery Educator’s Network.

If you or your school district is interested in professional development using Discovery Education, please contact any of the Kansas DEN Leadership Council. Dean hopes to be offering some of his training at M.A.C.E in March.


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