Makin’ Movies 102

So a few years ago I got to kid Hall about having Lily Tomlin as the warm-up act for his NECC keynote and just this fall when the PETE&C schedule was announced, I kidded Steve about being the warm-up for Daniel Pink. Now it looks like the shoe is on my foot since my Tuesday webinar precedes Mr. Pink’s on Wednesday. Undaunted and even inspired that I may be able to show some actual video clips this time, I’m going to attempt some “next step” tips.
Going by questions I’ve been asked in presentations and some emails I’ve received, it looks like the agenda will include external sound input, the “Ken Burns” effect of moving around a still picture, editing and easy special effects, and a look at the ever popular green screen/chroma key effect. But wait, there’s more! I’d like your input. What would you like to know or try? What “out of the ordinary” things have you and your students done in your movie making? Drop me a line at and I’ll use you as an example or find and example or explanation of what you’re looking for.
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  1. Susan said:

    I look forward to hearing some of your next steps in movie making. It seems that you have already thought of the topics I am interested in. One question I have is when adding music to a movie, is it better to attempt a score of some sort with various elements or just stick to one song for the duration? Susan

  2. Joe Brennan said:

    Susan, my simple answer to that is, is the song the story? If the music is in a “supporting” role, I think it (or pieces) should only appear where and when it’s needed to advance the story line.

  3. Susan said:

    Thanks for the clarification. That really helps me determine some things for projects.

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