Science Fair Session at NSTA

We had another fun session in Alabama talking about survival tips for Science Fair season.  Lots of great ideas from the folks who attended and hopefully they’ll share some of them in the comments below.

A few of the links I promised..

Science Fair Central
Discovery Education Science
Photo Story 3


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  1. Elaine Plybon said:

    Haven’t had a chance to make it to one of your sessions, Lance, but I’ve heard lots of good things from several people who have attended! Comment from one, “If it is from Discovery, you know it’s gonna be good!” Woot!

  2. Darnikar Rojas said:

    This seems to be a pretty good website. Plus, it is one that was emailed by the NSTA. It has science fair information. This will be new for me because I have elementary students, but we are at least going to try it. I will send more science sites once I can get to my hard drive at school. They may not be science fair related but they will be about science.

  3. Donna Sumrall said:

    Thanks for a great workshop!
    For science fair ideas, don’t forget to check out
    After searching, I found an idea I like so much that I may just have to do a project myself!

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