Demo for Texas Educators




I’m NOT gonna say how incredible we are…..

On Wednesday Riptide Furse announced to the DEN in SL LC that a request was made to have a presentation for a group of Texas educators at 2 p.m. EST on Friday, THAT Friday (two days hence!). In less than 48 hours Beth was doing the presentation, Lor provided the support (both in-world and in RL — I believe her first attempt at uStreaming…Way to Go Lor!!!), Riptide sent out a notice in-world for other DENers to join us while I posted the same to the blog.

By 2 p.m. EST on Friday, Beth and Lor were in-world along with other avatars (including Joei from the PBS affiliate) who rallied to the call (something about Scott Merrick being there on a horse????) as around 30 educators watched from San Antonio. The session stayed at DEN in SL HQs where participants were able to view the halo emitter and check out the decorated space on the roof. Beth shared Lor’s presentation on the in-world whiteboard, she discussed the DEN in SL, how the DEN in SL has done 21 presentations to a total audience of 505 participants, and discussed ISTE and other SL venues for Professional Development. The talk naturally lead to a discussion about avatars, clothes, looks and Lindens. Beth talked about how the DEN in SL provides new educators support and encouragement while assisting them in acclimating to the world of SL. Which lead to a discussion of Personal Learning Networks and SL being a venue to foster networking, collaboration and learning. In addition, she discussed non-SL related PD that DEN has provided such as Differentiating Instruction and Digital StoryTelling and how we encourage members to share what they know and host workshops for others.

If any of you would like us to do a presentation to a group of educators or administrators please contact Riptide Furse. We would be happy to do so and tailor the presentation to the needs of your audience.


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