KLCS Rocks With Discovery

upshaw.JPGDiscovery and the teachers of the Los Angeles School District connected with each other Saturday, Dec. 8, for a great Discovery Educator Network event at KLCS-TV in downtown Los Angeles. Great presenters were onhand, like Los Angeles Unified teacher Brad Upshaw, pictured with his critical questions poster he used in his videomaking session. Check out theklcs1.png rough version of the program below. It was deja vu for me. When I taught with LAUSD, my last job was as a teacher adviser at KLCS. The studio where I taught on television and where Doris Johnson and I worked as writers and teachers of VideoMathematics are still there. New and digital now, they still deliver instruction over the air. The magnet school where we had the DEN event was where the Video in the Classroom awards were born. Marilynn Fong (now at LACOE) , Cheryl Lee (now at Apple) and I worked on them as they were created twenty years ago. The first winner, those decades ago, was Julie Drake, now the media director at the Los Angeles County Office of Education.

I was privileged to give a mini-keynote. That, and all handouts are below. Handouts include the latest version of the Google Earth, iPod, and Media Project Building on the Dark Side sessions. Great thanks to the presenters, including DEN stars Dennis Grice (who was on his way to his father’s birthday), Sara Johangiry (who made the drive from Fontana), Brett Harvey, and LAUSD teachers Ken Shelton, Karen West, Warren Dale, and Brad Upshaw. Great working with them all! KLCS was represented by Jorge Briseno and his crew (thanks for the coffee, Jorge!). Discovery folk included Mike Botte, Kim Randall, and the ever-present Jannita Demian!

KLCS miniKeynote,

GoogleEarthI&II, the Word doc with Codes to Cut and Paste

iPods in Education (the MegaVCR)

Media Project Building (Media from the Dark Side)

GoogleEarth files: FloatingHead, ScottKinneyLivesHere, MannWebCam, Shakespeare1, Shakespeare2. These will launch in Google Earth –or open them from Google Earth. Then save them to My Places.

Rough Program – This is the nearly last rough draft. I’ll post the final one when I run it down.


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