First 'Live Post' from SL

Laelia here, blogging ‘LIVE’ from DEN in SL. Yup, this is a test post. Wanted to see how the picture turns out. It’s all part of the BlogHUD package which I purchased. This will enable me to attend events, live blog, and send pictures from the location. Something along the lines of an ‘on the spot reporter’ (or whatever they’re called in RL! LOL) I’m standing in front of the snowman (attempted sitting, but was told there was no surface on which I could do that) in the middle of the lovely skating rink put out next to DEN in SL. Free skates are available, as is hot chocolate, so put on a sweater, a scarf, a hat or earmuffs and come out for a spin around the rink.
posted by Laelia Laval on Eduisland II using a blogHUD : [blogHUD permalink]


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  1. Scott Merrick (Scottmerrick Oh) said:

    SWEEEEEEET! That’s absolutely AWESOME! for the sitting thing, try looking in your gestures for ‘sit ground’ or some variation and just play it. I use that all the time for photos and just to sit down instead of standing around looking dorky (though you, of course look lovely!). Using the sit ground gesture I can sit on the ground and look dorky! 🙂

    Hey, and go look at the video I grabbed with Camtasia Studio while streaming it into ustream! (posted at my bloggie)

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