It's a Wrap – Your Inventory Is NOT Your Junk Closet

Your Inventory is NOT Your Junk Closet

Your Inventory is NOT Your Junk Closet

Around a dozen people turned out for my Wednesday Workshop, ‘Your Inventory Is NOT Your Junk Closet’.  Since this was a ‘hands-on, get your hands dirty, working’ workshop I kept my presentation short, sweet, and to-the-point.  If you missed this workshop, I will be posting the transcript (after MUCH editing! LOL) to the files section of the DEN in SL Google Groups.  I will also leave up the notecard giver (can’t miss it — it’s a picture of me in one of my short purple hair styles near the online indicator wall) for a couple of days.  I will also post the ‘notecard’ as a ‘file’ to the DEN in SL Google Group.  And as far as I can tell, this workshop will probably be offered again some time in the spring — ideal workshop for that ‘Spring Cleaning’ time of year.  In the near future, there will also be an ‘advanced inventory’ workshop whereby you can learn how to create boxes and store seasonal (or other items) in the boxes to help reduce inventory clutter (uh, Rip, you might want to attend that one! LOL)

I began the session by asking the participants how many items are in their inventory.  Answered ranges from 3,000 to a whopping 15,000+ (anyone want to venture to guess WHOSE Inventory that might be?  No, it’s NOT mine!).  Next time you’re in-world check out the size of your Inventory.  Please note that anything over 3,000 increases lag, makes it more difficult to locate items, and generally can impact the experience in SL of others around you.

Quick clean-up:  1.  Clean out your ^Calling Cards^ folder.  Do you REALLY need these?  2.  Clean out your ^Notecards^ folder…these add up VERY quickly.

If you want to know what you’re wearing (clothing and attachments), simply type in WORN in the search box in your Inventory window.

Pick up this habit:  When you purchase a boxed item, once you copy the items to the Inventory, IMMEDIATELY go in and see if you absolutely MUST have that landmark, that ad, etc.  If not, GET RID OF IT NOW!

Remember, that ‘deleting’ an item only sends it to your ^Trash^, it will not reduce your Inventory.  You need to ‘take out the garbage’ to reduce your Inventory.  Click on ^File^ then ^Empty Trash^, but be VERY, VERY CAREFULL!!!  You CANNOT undo this action.

Mark your calendar for next Wednesday, when Rip will be hosting a workshop on Bookmarklets.  “Bookmarklets help save you time while you’re browsing in Real Life. If you have bookmarklets you can’t live or browse without, we want you to share those with us. If you don’t know what the heck a bookmarklet is, then come and find out about these handy dandy tools.  The DEN will reimburse you if you want to upload a screenshot to go along with your Share. This will be a voice chat enabled session.  People are not required to have a microphone or use voice but others may be speaking so computer speakers or headphones may be necessary.”


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