If You Missed the Daniel Pink Webinar…

Don’t miss the chance to watch the Daniel Pink webinar archive!  I was lucky enough to be able to attend & all I can say is WOW!  Not only was Daniel, himself, an excellent presenter, but the conversations that abounded in the chat box were amazing- and that’s just the threads I was able to keep up with!  I am definitely going to listen to this one again!

Here’s a short breakdown of Dan Pink’s synopsis about the future of education:

  1. We need New Metrics– new ways to gauge student progress & our own effectiveness.  In other words, & I love this statement, we need to prepare our students for THEIR future, not OUR past.
  2. We MUST Integrate Art into the entire curriculum
  3. We need to develop more flexible & customized curriculum based on individual students’ interests& experiences (i.e. Life integration)
  4. We must find a way to allow teachers a greater sense of Autonomy.  Only then, will they (we) feel free to instruct with greater creativity & authenticity.

So, treat yourself to an early holiday gift-  Curl up with your computer & one of the holiday gift boxes of chocolate you got from a student & Watch the Daniel Pink Webinar  🙂

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