Welcome Iowa, Kansas, Alabama, Michigan, Louisiana and Northwest LCs

What a huge week!  In the last week, we have launched SIX, yes you heard me right, SIX new Leadership Councils!  We couldn’t be more excited to have them on board.  Some are launching with hundreds of members already, and others barely have a dozen.  So long as theirs a few people who are dedicated to connecting educators with each other and spreading the DEN, then we welcome them to form a Leadership Council.  Don’t have one in your state?  Make it happen!  Visit the DEN’s discussion forums and start drumming up some interest.

So please join me in welcoming the Iowa Leadership Council, Kansas Leadership Council, Alabama Leadership Council, Louisiana Leadership Council and Michigan Leadership Council and the Northwest Leadership Council (comprised of Washington and Oregon)!  Stop by their blogs and help us welcome them!


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  1. Linda said:

    I love it that there is a NW group now. However, I am not able to post a comment on their site. The box for comments comes up very narrow and even when I can get it highlight I can not type in it.

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