You've Just Got to Try Jott

OK everyone- I’m like, totally going to use this tool ALL the time!

Jott is a free service that offers you a phone number to call in order to record a message that will be translated into text format and sent via email. Jotts can be sent to yourself or to a group of contacts. Jott can also import your email addresses from Yahoo, GMail and Outlook.

Here are some examples of what you can do:

  • Jott yourself (sends you an email).  I’ve started doing this all the time in the car.  Hands-free reminders to myself that I can SEE in my email (which has basically become my to-do list).  Not quite sure yet if this extra efficiency isn’t just making more work for myself (i.e. I can’t “forget” to do the things I think of in the car anymore), but for now at least, I’m embracing it 🙂
  • Jott someone else (sends him/her an email and/or a text message if you’ve entered phone numbers in your address book)
  • “Bulk Jott” (sends message to a group).  Forgot to tell your students something in class & you suddenly remember while you’re in the car on your way to see the Nutcracker with your family on Sunday (yes, this happened to me yesterday)?  Bulk Jott everyone!
  • Jott to your blog.  Jott supports the following blog engines:
    • Blogger
    • TypePad
    • Wordpress
    • Twitter

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  • Jott to an Internet Voice Journal.
    • Live Journal
    • tumblr
  • Jott to your online calendar:
    • google calendar
    • 30 Boxes

These are just some of the major ways I see Jott being useful in my own life.  Here’s a link that explains how other people use currently using Jott.

Now, the potential downside:

  • Jott’s current technology has actual people (yes, real, live human beings) transcribing your messages.  Here are some potential issues I see with that:
    • maybe you feel uncomfortable knowing that a person is listening to your messages
    • increases the “ownership” issues of sharing intellectual property over a non-secure network (i.e. you might want to think twice before you Jott yourself a memo about the greatest idea since sliced bread that you churn up while sitting in traffic)
  • The voice recognition has a few bugs- Jott seems to have trouble differentiating some key sounds, which translates into your contacts’ names not being recognized…A common problem that you can solve by saving contacts under more “unique” lables (I started doing this already for my OnStar car-phone)

Jott is not the only player in this game- but it’s interface is VERY user friendly.  SpinVox,a British company, offers a similar service and they use a Voice Message Conversion System (Not actual humans) to convert your messages to text.  I set up an account with them, which, FYI, took many more steps that it did with Jott, but I have yet to actually try it out & compare it to Jott- maybe you will & will let me know 🙂

So, although voice memo technology has been around for a long time, Jott offers a user-friendly way to convert those messages into text.  If you’re like me & need to SEE your to-do list, you might want to give it a try.  And then let us know what you think.

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