Help Judge Media Projects for Fellow DEN Member

Below is a message from Texas STAR DEN member Elaine Plybon. It would be great if you can help out.

Invitation to Online JudgingMedia FairMy school district has a Media Fair every year. This year, they are opening the judging to anyone with an internet connection and an interest in technology in education. My first thought was of my fellow DEN members, so here’s the request — Won’t you consider spending a little bit of your time judging a few of the entries? There are several different categories and the levels range from K through 12, so there is sure to be something of interest to you there! Also, please feel free to forward the request to other education professionals you think may be interested in helping with the judging. Click below for full details. To go directly to the judging, click HERE.

Visit the Texas Blog here.


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  1. Elaine Plybon said:

    Thank you for posting this, and thank you to all who participate! It is awesome to see the ClustrMap on the judging site grow new red dots!

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