Life Integration

It amazes me how some people can turn a phrase that just captures paragraphs worth of thought and feeling. I just finished watching and listening to the archive of Daniel Pink’s webinar (though I need one more time through to catch up on the chat). “Life integration.” What a concept! Maybe it’s a Jeopardy answer and the question might be “What’s NCLB lacking?”

Another question surfaced about student-centered education, “What are you (the student) interested in?” Quite an interesting concept. Maybe even letting every student have a hand in making their own IEP. That’s probably too much of a paradigm shift for me or this blog. But you just know I’m going to turn it towards making videos. How about “What can I interest you in for this project?” or “What can you interest us in about this concept, formula, scene in literature, period/occurrence in history….?”

So what’s with the Magikist sign up at the top? Chicago area folks (and probably even our resident Hoosier, Hall) will recognize that ancient icon from the two Chicago expressways leading north and south out of the city (yes, Cubs fans, we had our own along the Dan Ryan too). It’s one of the first illustrations I noticed when I started reading through A Whole New Mind a couple of years ago. An image of lips that don’t resemble anything under the nose of any human I’ve ever known, but a sign of expertly and tenderly cleaned carpets to generations of Chicagoans. Almost like the tune that goes with the phone number…

A picture, a sound, an illustrated or concise thought can be worth a thousand words.

P.S. And I’m sure Brad Fountain will be eternally grateful to Daniel Pink for laying the foundation for his “Teaching the 21st Century Student” webinar today.


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