Podcasts Anyone?


I would like to know if there are any Iowans out there who are currently podcasting with their students or for their students. It seems to be that putting audio or video out on the internet with easy access and viewing has created an easy way for students to get excited but at the same time it seems like many teachers hit a lot of dead ends with technology available or just their own lack of knowledge.

The biggest problems I have heard are converting video files to the iPod format, putting the files out on the web, and allowing people to subscribe to a podcast.

I found a piece of software that converts any video type to the iPod format by a quick drag and drop. It is called iSquint and it works like a charm. It is only available for the Mac but there are a couple other pieces of software that will do the trick.

Creating audio is as simple as recording content as an .mp3. However getting it onto the web is harder than it may seem. If you are a STAR Educator you are fully aware of the free blog you receive but if your not then let me be the first to say, “You get a free blog site by becoming a STAR Educator.” With this blog you can attach pictures, audio, and video files and not only that you can submit it to the iTunes store.

This is a huge resource for STAR Educators because it’s free and easy to use!

Send me your thoughts on how you are or would like to use podcasting or blogs in your educational endeavors.


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  1. Tim Childers said:

    Jason, thanks for the blog! I just got an iPod for Christmas. I will be experimenting with video blogs in the near future!

  2. Jason Cochrane said:

    Video blogs are great tools. I am a science teacher and I use them to film labs in case students are gone. Let me know how things go for you.

  3. Tracy Standhart said:

    Just starting out with podcasting.
    I have an ipod and have saved all my music on it. It is sooooooo… convenient. I recently purchased a JBL radial on eBay so I can play the music on my ipod through a nice speaker system and I can finally put the big clunky, 1-cd stereo away(or take it to school).
    I also use the ipod for getting educational podcasts off itunes and listen to them on my way to work.
    I’ve purchased and downloads a few audio books as well.(I’m finding I still need to have the presence of a good book though)
    I am going to be offering some PD on Podcasting for my teachers in April. Very simple… using audacity and creating files to upload on the web. Our district currently blocks much of the software needed to host podcasts like Itunes and Ggast.
    I would like to start a simple project like having High Schoolers read and record grade school books so they can be utilized in an MP3 format for kids in elementary school.

  4. Ann Nicholson said:

    Sidney Community Schools in Sidney, Iowa received a state grant a couple of years ago and are using the grant to create podcasts and vodcasts by students and teachers, which are then posted to their website. They have done a good job of teaching student the components of good podcasts and vodcasts, and the students do a lot of reflection and evaluation of their work. You can subscribe to the ‘casts at http://mail.sidney.k12.ia.us/

  5. Bob Follmuth said:

    My 4th grade students did several “literature circle” podcasts last year and part of the year before. I pretty much scripted out each episode in an open-ended way – they had to fill in the lead-ins based on what they read in their novels. This was extremely motivating to the students! I have not tried vodcasts, but sure would like to.

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