Google, widgets, aggregators and other strange words…

Last week I decided to do my periodic check of Google’s latest products. I usually just go here and scan the list to see if there is anything I haven’t yet used. One tool that has been around for a little while is Google Notebook. I’ve heard about educators and students using it, but had never used it myself. So of course I surfed on over to check it out.

When the interface came up I noticed that there were many notes that were already filled in with my information! It turns out that I have actually been using Google Notebook for a long time, but within the context of my iGoogle page! So I guess I was thinking ahead in terms of using the latest tools.  However, I was a bit behind in that I was rather oblivious to the fact that I was actually using them.

My point is that some of the widgets that are available in aggregators and feedreaders are incredible tools. Some are unique to the aggregator, while some are adaptations of other tools that have  been “widgetized.”  With several thousand widgets out there, all with various levels of compatibility for individual aggregators, what are some of your favorite widgets or custom feeds?

Here are some of my most checked custom widgets or feeds:

I love having the ability to check the weather in several parts of the country on one page.  I also love to  use Twitter on my Netvibes, create Craiglist searches and communicate with my Meebo page.

What are your favorites?


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  1. amit said:

    i like my yahoo more than igoogle. Simply because i can see preview of both yahoo and google mails simultaneously. My other favorite tool is the ‘Google webmaster central’. It contains everything i need to access from ‘webmaster tools’, site status wizard to google analytics, google gadgets etc.

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