21st Century Webinar by 21st Century, Brad Fountain!

I would like to thank everyone who attended the webinar on December 18th. I thoroughly enjoyed the feedback I received and would love any more you care to provide. I also thought the discussion throughout the session was very powerful and thought provoking. I apologize for not having this post up sooner, but I am having trouble posting on the national site right now (but the DEN team is here to help)! The presentation shown is the same given during the webinar and you have my permission to use any facets you desire to share with fellow educators. I look forward to seeing your comments and suggestions as you continue to digest the topics we discussed. Click here for the power point 21st Century Teaching for 21st Century Students.


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  1. Diana Kenney said:

    Powerful presentation. Our technology department is going to use some the of the information to share at our next school board meeting.

  2. Dennis Lundgren said:

    I could not make the webinar so the PowerPoint is much appreciated – thank you! As many of us are technology leaders this discussion offers us much to share and embrace. I wonder if leaders at other levels “get it”. How do we educate leaders at all levels – inside and outside the education community – to see the picture of the 21st Century student. We need business, industry, media and government to sing this song.

  3. Linda Benafel said:

    Thank you so much for sharing this presentation. I was not able to participate in the webinar due to a previous commitment, so I was very glad to be able to download it. I think that it is critical that we teach our students the skills that you highlight. I am frustrated with the singular way that the government measures student achievement which your cartoon brilliantly illustrates. I will be doing a workshop on videoconferencing using iChat and Skype. A social science teacher from Seoul, S. Korea and his students will share how they read the Rape of Nanking and had live discussions via Skype and MacBooks with students in Japan and China who also read the book. This is powerful stuff. Then we add in all the Web 2.0 tools. Amazing possibilities open up. However, getting the word out generally is still difficult. I have teachers in my district who don’t know what a wiki, podcast, or blog is (although I am trying hard to change that.)
    Thank you for allowing us to share parts of your presentation. I will do so in another workshop on 21st Literacy that I am doing. I will fully credit your presentation.

  4. Debra Breunig said:

    Our administrator is leading a high school staff of 200+ teachers into the 21st Century. I told her about the Power Point and she thought it would be useful information to get out to the staff to create the buy-in for this initiative. Thanks for helping us move forward.

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