Something To Do During The Break!

I thought I’d give you all a little “present” to play with during your winter break. One of the ITS people at my school, Darren Wilson, gave me a link to a program called Smilebox that is fun and easy to use and can help people like myself put together a nice scrapbook presentation to send out to friends and family. I played with it a little and thought I could find uses for it in the classroom, as well.

Things I’ve noticed as I’ve played with it: You do have to download software to use this application, it is not web-based; I like how it finds the pictures already on my computer and has them laid out for me on the side, as if I’m sitting down at a table sorting through pictures; there are lots of different options in the free designs that fit whatever occasion or need you may be trying to serve; there are music selections available, but to get the most variety of selections, you have to pay to be a premium member; it is really easy to finish the project and post it to blogs, send it in emails, or even save it as jpegs; if you decide to blog it, your creation will include ads unless you pay to be a premium member.

Here’s the little greeting card I made. It uses only three photos. It looks like you may be able to include video clips in these, but I haven’t tried, yet. If you try it, comment here and let us know what you think – and Happy Holidays from your Texas DEN Leadership Council!

Click to play Happy+Holidays
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  1. Tim Childers said:

    Elaine, thanks for the blog about Smilebox. I’ve used it a little to send pictures of my granddaughters to family and friends. I hope to turn my students on to it next semester!

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