Happy Holidays!


And what wouldn’t this time of year be without a little re-gifting? Thanks to a tip from Elaine Plybon over on the Texas blog, I see that the good people at Atomic Learning are offering up free access to their Video Storytelling Guide through January 15th. Better unwrap this one quick. I didn’t see that date on Atomic’s site, but I’ll take Elaine’s word for it. There is a 60 page PDF and about six dozen video clips ranging from 4 seconds to just over a minute. That’s right, 4 seconds! I’ve had an account with Atomic Learning since they began and one of the things I will be forever grateful for is their terrific respect for teachers’ time. Clips load very quickly (even on my dial-up in the old days) and they are very focused.  They have always been the poster child for just in time learning as opposed to “just in case learning” (you know, where you learn almost everything a program can do regardless of your needs or grade level or the length of the professional development session).  Need to see a “flat shot?” 4 seconds is all it takes.

Of course, you will see and hear a lot of what is already available to you through AFI’s Screen Ed program “Lights, Camera, Education!” via your ‘streaming account. But it’s always good to get another perspective. Atomic’s bite size clips and pithy advice are right on the money.


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