AZ Tax Credit Time Again!

It is that time of year again when our pocketbooks are empty, exhausted from another holiday season!  If there is still a penny or two around, I would highly suggest digging deep to particpate in the Arizona Tax Credit Program.  There is almost no way to ever direct your tax dollars to a specific program at a specific school.  Well, in Arizona there is a way to easily direct your tax dollars to the school and program of your choice and then have the money refunded to you when you file your Arizona tax return.  So, get your checkbook out, tell your friends and use the most lovely tax law to benefit the schools in your life.

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One Comment;

  1. darcy said:

    i got mine in, and even my bf wrote his out this year!
    $400 to my school- wahoo!

    and the best thing, last year was the FIRST TIME (in my 7 yrs here in AZ) that i rec’d $$$ back from the state of AZ- thanks to my tax credit (and a good accountant!).

    hope you were able to help out your schools~


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