Kwout May Be My Favorite New App

I use a agreggator to collect and view new hot-listed websites on my laptop’s homepage. Every once in a while, I stumble over something truly interesting. Today it was Kwout (pronounced “quote”).

Kwout is a cute little app that allows you to capture, or quote, parts of a webpage as an image map. “So what?” you say. Well, all the interactive links on the webpage are still active in the image map. Then, you can use the embed code to place the image map on your website…like the one below.

# # # # # #

Discovery Educator Network via kwout

 It is a quick, drag-and-drop feature for Firefox (will work in IE also).  It took me about six seconds to create and embed the image map above.  I think that is pretty incredible.  What about you?  Give it a try and leave me a comment.


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