Great Websites for ELL or anyone…

We all have our favorite websites for learning.  I’m talking about sites that provide useful tools, frequently Web 2.0 style.  These are mostly things that we couldn’t even have imagined in a desktop environment a few years ago, let alone on the web.  With thousands of great sites out there, and more coming every day,  it’s tough to narrow down what works for you.

Larry Ferlazzo (not a DEN member 🙁  but an Edublog award winner nonetheless) has done his version of list creation that seems to have gained some attention.  Here is a link to his :

The Best Web 2.0 Applications For Education — 2007

Check out some of the other links on the bottom of his page for other great ideas too.


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  1. Larry Ferlazzo said:


    Thanks for sharing my list with your readers. Just to clarify, though, I was a Finalist in the Edublog Awards, but didn’t end up winning….Maybe next year!


  2. Sharon Eilts said:

    I dearly love PixWidget from Slater Software. It allows me to type in a word and get an icon for visual supports for special needs students.

    Very easy and what a time saver. I can use the icon in any document.


  3. dave kootman said:

    Thanks Sharon, I checked out Slater Software and there are some other interesting tools there as well. You kind of have to pick and choose though 🙂

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