AzTEA Upcoming Event

banner_left.gif  On January 26th, Dr. Tim Tyson will be a part of the second AzTEA conference of the season in Tucson at the 16th Annual Teaching and Technology conference.  The theme of the day will focus on Students in a Global Village. 

ttyson.jpg   Tim Tyson will be presenting sessions titled From Classroom Knowledge to Global Contribution, Is It Time to Upgrade: Making the Case for Change and The Film Festival as a Springboard to Systemic Instructional Change.  The day will be filled with incredily engaging and informative sessions for educators of all levels of technology experience.  Planning has also begun for a pre-conference get together hosted by none other than Darcy White… stay tuned for more information.  To register for this and other AzTEA offerings this year visit AzTEA!

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  1. darcy said:

    c’mon men and women! join us in sunny (albeit a little chilly…) Tucson that weekend.

    planning a small gethering the night before the AzTEA conference, to perhaps just “connect” with a few AZ DENers!

    email me, if you’re interested~

    darc ;-}

  2. amit said:

    At one place you have mentioned that registration for a single conference will cost $25. And just above that in a table you have mentioned the registration fees at $50 for members and $50+$35 for non-members. I am confused.Please clarify

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