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Know what I love? When I find a nice simple Web2.0 application that fills a direct classroom need, and could even replace software that my district spends its limited dollars on. Know what I mean?

Take for example. When you go to the site, it displays a keyboard with the words “Pause: Click to Continue” overlayed on it. Click there and it starts showing text for you to type. Click-clack away, when you get to the end of a line, it’ll bring up new text. It shows your speed and accuracy (and provides a chart comparing the two), and when you’re ready you can move on to other lessons which feature other keys.

There’s no directions. But really, you don’t need any. There’s no login, but do you really need to save your results? There’s no place for you to register, no flashy certificates, what you see is what you get: a place to practice keyboarding.

Refreshing, eh?

Right now there are only three lessons available, but I would imagine more will come as the site matures. I just hope it maintains its simplicity. A perfect site to send students to as they finish their work or just want to hone their skills. No email address required.

Have fun and feel free to post your records!


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  1. Pat Ruffing said:

    Thanks for the news on a new way to practice keyboarding for students. Once a week practice in class is just not enough. One link that I post for my students is which offers quite a few lessons and then paragraph practice as well. I ask them to use it at home while we use Type to Learn software in school. I will add your recommendation as an alternative for them to try

  2. Kim Lattimore said:


    Thanks for this. I’ll add it to my weekly bulletin to the staff for them to use with themselves and their students. I’ll also share this with groups of students I work with. As usual, great stuff to put to use right away.

  3. Teryl Magee said:

    Thanks! This will be great help for my kids as they work on their blogging skills (which takes forever due to lack of typing practice). A free site–NICE!

  4. Susan said:

    As usual, you share such cool, free, stuff with us to use in our classrooms. Thanks for the information. I got up to 89, but my nails are too long so I will repost after I have a manicure!

  5. Scott Meech said:

    Hey Steve… It has unlimited lessons because of the RSS feed capability. Just link it to blog where the teacher inputs their typing lesson… Bam… Instant new lesson.

    This is the ultimate tool for me to reach my kids with their individual weaknesses on the keyboard!

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