Project Playlist a Web 2.0 Hit!

I heard about Project Playlist at school. My students really like it, so I decided to give it a try over the winter break. When I first pulled up the website, I immediately had a positive feeling because it calls itself a “social music experiment.” As a science teacher, any experiment is intriguing to me and as a web 2.0 dweller, I’m all for the social aspect of it.

What Project Playlist basically does is provide a search engine that finds music on the web. You are able to create your own playlist (much like a MySpace profile – and in fact, you can put your playlist on MySpace or Facebook), and share it with your friends. You can create a music network, seeing what others have on their lists and allowing them to see what you have on yours.

The really cool part, which I think is one of the things my students really like, is that Project Playlist does everything it can to ensure that the links are to files on the web that are completely legal. If anything is found to be illegal, all links to it are immediately removed. Project Playlist even pays performance royalties to the three performance rights organizations in the U.S., which have reciprocity with other such organizations in the world. The other thing that is good about this site is that you are not uploading or downloading any music, you are simply playing it from the link.

All in all, I really like the feeling of security that comes from listening to music through Project Playlist. Set up an account — it’s free — and join me!


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  1. Robert Gordon said:

    If you like projectplaylist you’ll love, basicly imeem is ‘youtube for music’ and unlike projectplaylist it actually hosts all of the music on its servers so there’s none of the hairy legal questions that still spin around projectplaylist (just because it’s performing rights organizations doesn’t mean that the labels aren’t claiming rights to a cut). imeem has signed deals with all the major labels so it collection of media is vastly superior. (and most people accuse projectplayist of simply cloning imeem via the backdoor)

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