This is Not a Myth!

Do you have any plans for lunch on Monday, January 14th? If not, we’d like to treat one STAR Discovery Educator to a nice meal, some good conversation and, oh yeah, the Mythbusters will be there! It could be you.

On January 14th we will be hosting a special luncheon with the Mythbusters in Old Town Alexandria, Virginia. If you are interested and can definitely without a doubt make it, post a comment to this blog by 5 PM (EST) on Monday, January 7th that contains the following:

  • Name
  • School
  • District
  • State
  • Email

We’ll take a look at the comments after 5 PM (EST) on Monday, put all the names in a hat and select one STAR to join us. Our invitation for the lucky STAR DE will include lunch with the Mythbusters. He/she will be responsible for the rest (e.g., travel expenses).

Good luck!


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  1. Laurie Sullivan said:

    I am a Discovery Star Educator. I would love to meet the Mythbusters and brag about it to my sons who watch the show all the time!

  2. Martha Johnson said:

    I would love to eat lunch with the Mythbusters!

    Martha L. Johnson, STAR DE
    Minnie Howard School
    Alexandria City Public Schools
    Alexandria, VA

  3. Chris Brink said:

    Ahoy! Who better to send to have lunch with Jamie and Adam than a STAR educator, Science Teacher and Swashbucklin’ Pirate from Matanzas High School in Palm Coast, Florida! We are the Pirates and our name definitely tells tales about dead men! Matanzas is the Spanish word for Massacre, and we are just down stream from the Matanzas River, where many a pirate has set sail!We all know that Mythbusters love Pirates! In fact this hearty grog and grub adventure to Old Town will take place almost one year from the original air date of the Mythbuster’s very first Pirate Special (Jan 17, 2007).
    Set ye Sails on this Pirate and I be in Fiddlers Green (aka Pirate Heaven!)

    Yo Ho Ho Ho me fellow DEN Members,
    Pirate Brink

  4. Dara Case said:

    Dara Case, teacher at Greenbelt Elementary School in Prince George’s County Public Schools, Maryland.

    My email is

    And oh yeah, by the way, my family LOVES Adam and Jamie!!!

  5. Jessica Elam said:

    I have some great ideas for a new Mythbusters episode!

    Jessica Elam
    Forest Park High School
    Prince William County Public Schools

  6. Patricia Abrahms said:

    I love Mythbusters! This is a great tool to use with my high school biology students to reinforce the principles of scientific methodolgy. The guys finally understand the purpose of scientific method and are able to design experiments using the Mythbuster format. I’d love the opportunity to discuss some of possibilities for continued educational use.

  7. Patricia Abrahms said:

    I’d love the opportunity to meet with the folks who produce Muthbusters. I use Mythbusters as a resource for presentling the principles of scientific methodology. Finally, the 9th grade guys have something they enjoy learning!

  8. Eileen Malick said:

    Eileen Malick
    Atlee High School, Hanover County Public Schools, Virginia

    Mythbusters should be known as “Hypothesis Extreme Sports!”
    Favorite Episode: Elephants and mice
    Least Favorite Episode: Actually helping a kid blow up his parent’s car (with no apparent counseling:-)

  9. Melanie Lewis said:

    Mythbusters is one of my 17 year old son’s favorite shows. He loves it when you make a fool out of a long held belief. LOL!!!
    Name Melanie Lewis
    Schools: Amherst Elementary, Central
    Position: I am an instructional technology resource teacher.
    Elementary, Madison Heights Elementary
    District: Amherst County Public Schools
    State VA

  10. Gary Carmichael said:

    Name Gary Carmichael
    School Whitefish High School
    District Whitefish Public Schools
    State Montana

    Whitefish, gateway to Glacier National Park, is a long ways away from Old Town Alexandria and it is a school day soooo….how about a virtual lunch that my students can participate in also?

  11. Cheryl Triplett said:

    Sumter School District Two
    Instructional Technology Coach

  12. Gini Moore said:

    Hi, I’m Myth Moore….no, wait…it’s Ms. Moore. Another myth busted.
    Gini Moore
    Burgundy Farm Country Day School
    Alexandria, Virginia
    I hope you have my email, which I provided above

  13. Vicki Reed said:

    Dinner with my sister and her husband in Baltimore and lunch with the Mythbusters in Alexandria, Virginia sound like a great combination to me!

    Vicki Reed
    Hempfield High School
    Hempfield School District

  14. Patti Duncan said:

    “Myth’es” Patti Duncan
    Wallenpaupack Area High School
    Wallenapaupack District

  15. Paula White said:

    Name Paula White
    School Crozet Elementary
    District Albemarle County Public Schools
    State VA

    OH, MY! The Mythbusters has always been one of my 5th grade grandson’s favorites and was one of the first podcasts he loaded onto his iPod! He discovered the Mythbusters forum this fall. and he has spent hours at my house reading and writing online on their forum. As an LD child whose area of difficulty causes him to often not even be willing to try, it has been amazing to see him be motivated to read so long online in an area of HIS interest and strength (science). The science the Mythbusters bring to kids can be leveraged by classroom teachers, as it is driven by passion and deep understanding, not solely driven by textbooks and state standards. When the Mythbusters set up those counter-intuitive situations, kids like my grandson, who LOVE science but who have processing issues, have a door into learning through THEIR passions. The writing he has done online has affected his in-class writing and he recently CHOSE to participate in a writing contest, with amazing voice in his piece. Even if I am not the one to get this opportunity, could whoever goes please tell them THANK YOU for what they do?

    P. S. Would a kid be allowed at the lunch?

  16. Rachel Gibson said:

    My husband and I are addicted to Mythbusters! We love it! What an exciting opportunity for someone to get to have lunch with them.

    Rachel Gibson
    Annette P. Edwins Elementary
    Okaloosa County School District

    P.S. Can husbands accopmany you?

  17. Dave Mendell said:

    Got the season 4 dvd collection and use all sorts of episodes to teach scientific method to my 4th graders! Love the Franklin’s Kite episode!

  18. Mike Cichocki said:

    I watch the show all the time, and have used it in my classroom. I have some great ideas for them to do!

    Mike Cichocki
    Carbon Lehigh IU 21

  19. Allyson Greene said:

    Lunch would sound great!

    Allyson Greene, Project Discovery Teacher
    Star Discovery Educator
    KW Barrett Elementary School–A NASA Explorer School
    Arlington Public Schools
    Arlington, Va.

  20. Rita Truelove said:

    Rita Truelove
    Stafford County Public Schools
    Stafford, VA

    At the St Louis National NSTA in 2006, I had dinner with Lance and he gave out several copies of the myth busters DVD’s. I quickly became a very good friend of 3 8th grade science teachers who I donated the DVD to. They have nearly worn it out in just one short year!!

  21. Rita Truelove said:

    PS I forgot to say that Monday the 14th is my birthday as well!!!

  22. Helen Maddox said:

    I would love the opportunity to have lunch with the Mythbusters! My idea – to record the discussion at lunch and create a podcast to put on our school website when I return. I will poll our students and teachers before meeting to get some ideas for you for possible use in future shows. I am very committed to Integrating Technology into the Classroom and what a fantastic and exciting way to get our students engaged in learning than through Mythbusters!

  23. Betsy Ruffin said:

    Lunch with the Mythbusters would be so cool, but Va. is a bit far for me. Any chance they will come to Texas?

  24. Dani Hall said:

    Ok sorry I can’t read and follow directions

    Name Dani Hall
    * School Claremont Immersion Elementary
    * District Arlington
    * State VA
    * Email

  25. Kristi Hingerty said:

    Birdneck Elementary School
    Virginia Beach, VA

    Love Mythbusters! Great show for demonstrating scienctific concepts for anyone and everyone watching! It definitely generates lots of disucssion as Jamie, Adam, and the gang progress through each episode.

  26. Michael Stokes said:

    So, did you actually award someone the trip to the MythBusters lunch?

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