Help Out a Third Grade Class

This is a message from teachers in Massachusetts. They are looking to make connections with teachers and students from across the world.

What a great way to find out about our country and our world!! Think about participating in this with your students or starting your own to find out about SC communities or communities around the world.

Dear Friend,

Curious George is curious about how your town got it’s name! Our third graders, in their community lesson, learn about the naming of our town,
originally Jeffrey’s Creek and now Manchester-by-the-Sea.

If you would like to participate in this online project you only need to send us an email with your town’s name, state, how the town got its name and a digital image of an icon of your town.

We are going to pose Curious George at a place called Tuck’s Point. Please feel free to send a picture of any geographical site, monument, memorial, building, etc. that you feel invokes a feeling of pride in your town.

The following website will store all of the feedback we get from across the United States and has information about our town.

Please visit and share this information with anyone else. We are really excited about this project and will use the results in a variety of ways.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

We are,
Pat Fleming
Jane Foye
Lynne Stasiak
Paul Clark
Jenna Seymour
From the Manchester Memorial School, Manchester-by-the-Sea

This sounds like it would be a nice collaboration. It is reminiscent of the Flat Stanley Projects and the Flat Classrooms Project. You could have your students compose a response for these third graders.

So, if you have an opportunity, please respond to their appeal.

This was originally posted on the Pennsylvania DEN site.


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