Science Fair Mania

If it is that time of year again for your school’s science fair and the thought of it brings up some rather disturbing images in your mind, here are some papers that might make it go a little smoother. Each year I look forward to so many students applying the scientific method. However, the thought of keeping up with who is progressing and who is procrastinating can make me want to hide under the covers.

Therefore I decided to compile a packet of information to help them succeed. Included in the packet is a list of topics, examples of the scientific method in use, a worksheet to fill out as they experiment, a rubric of how I will grade them, a progress log with assigned due dates, and a reminder of how to make a chart and graph. The packet is easier to keep up with than random papers and it makes it impossible for them to procrastinate on all of it. I hope this helps tame some of your science fair worries. 🙂

Science Fair Topics

Science Fair Checklist (for teachers)

The Scientific Method Worksheet

Science Fair Progress Log

Scientific Method Example

Science Fair Project Grading Rubric


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