Incorporating Discovery Videos Into Your Lessons.

I hope everyone had a great holiday break and had time to relax. I got to relax a lot and found myself enjoying several hours of Dirty Jobs, Man vs. Wild, and a few episodes of Mythbusters and it made me think about all the possibilities out there for incorporating Discovery videos in the classroom. It seems like the students in my classes can’t stop talking about what they watched on Man vs. Wild, Mythbusters, or Dirty Jobs. I have tried to incorporate some Discovery shows into my classroom when I find it applicable to the lessons I am teaching. I do a unit on volcanoes and my students and I discuss types of volcanoes as well as features like calderas. I have shown the Discovery video “Supervolcano” and the students love it and gain some very good insight to the giant caldera in Yellowstone. I enjoy the fact that the video makes them think and ask questions and I am sure that there are a number of teachers out there that use videos with lessons planned in accordance to what the video outlines. I would like to know if any of you out there are using some of the popular Discovery videos and/or Discovery podcasts on iTunes in your classroom. If you are please share your creative ideas and ways of how you are using them.


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