***FREE*** Ad-Free Wikispaces for Educators

OK, OK…so this has NOTHING to do with SL….well, actually it could if you set up a wiki for the presentations you’ll be doing in Second Life after attending Beth’s and JuliaAnn’s workshop on Wednesday!

I was doing some work on a presentation for an upcoming NYSCATE conference in March.  I was gathering my resources in my wikispaces.com account.  After I created a new space I realized that I SHOULD HAVE requested an ad-free space that’s available for K-12 educators.  In a panic, I e-mailed the ‘help’ e-mail address explaining my problem and listing the wikispaces that I would like to be ad-free.  I clicked on the ‘send’ button and LITERALLY in less than 0 minutes (I know this because my g-mail account gave me the response time) I had an answer.  At first I thought it was an automated response based on some advanced word recognition of my e-mail, but NO!!!  It’s an ACTUAL PERSON!!!  His name is Adam and he solved me problem IMMEDIATELY!!! 

So if you haven’t yet done so, do yourself a favor and go over to wikispaces.com, create a space and then request that your space be ad-free simply by doing the following (per Adam’s e-mail):

“To request a free upgrade to our Plus plan for K-12 education do the following:

1) Go to your space
2) Click “Manage Space”
3) Click “Subscription”
4) At the bottom of the page, under “Request a complimentary upgrade to Plus for K-12 education” click “Request yours now”

I think there should be an awards ceremony for ‘The MOST Helpful Tech Support People’ and I would like to be the first to nominate Adam from wikispaces.com 


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  1. Pat Ruffing said:


    I know from personal experience that the support at wikispaces.com is phenomenal. I have dealt with Adam and James, and I have only positive things to say about them and their team. We have been using the free educational wikispaces for sometime, in fact we have several accounts, and it have been a terrific tool for both students and teachers. I second your nomination!

  2. Ann Oro said:

    One of the reasons I love Wikispaces is their responsiveness. They have uploaded a huge list of students and passwords for me and answered tagging questions really quickly. You may go on record as having the world’s fastest response!

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