Women of Web 2.0

For you regular listeners of the Women of Web 2.0, tomorrow’s show should be a pretty good one. At least for me that is. As I posted on my personal non-DEN blog over the weekend, I will be guest speaking on the WoW 2.0 show tomorrow night. It truly is an honor to have little old me on such a big show as this one is. Vicki Davis, Cheryl Oakes, Sharon Peters and Jen Wagner do a WONDERFUL job, and I look up to all four of them as tech role models.

You can catch the show tomorrow night here. Alot of the times I miss the show, but download the podcast to listen to while I am out walking for exercise.  Hope to see you all there.



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  1. Debbie Bohanan said:

    Congratulations Tom! I look forward to hearing the show.

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