Best of STAR Blogs

As more and more people give their own personal DEN blogs a try, we’re starting to see some amazing examples that are well worth sharing!   If you look at the right hand sidebar of this blog, you’ll see recent posts from the official Discovery blogs, the Leadership Councils, and also blogs done by individual STARs.  Here are just a few shining samples to inspire your own blogging activities.

“I Learn, You Learn, We Learn” Blog:  Tracy Standhart has truly taken her DEN blog and made it her own.  From the Dewey Quotes in the left sidebar to the extensive blogroll in the right sidebar, she has truly taken advantage of the opportunity to customize the widgets that are displayed on her blog.  She has even added in a Clustr Map so people can see where visitors to her blog are coming from.  Of course, the most important thing about the blog is the content, and she’s truly filling her blog up with some great posts.  From keyboarding lessons to Microsoft Word tips, and several articles on literacy, Tracy is constantly learning new things and sharing it with you!

AKA Riptide Furse: His real name is Fred, but in an alternate reality, they call him Rip.  Fred Delventhal is the chair for our incredible Second Life Leadership Council, but also finds time to do some pretty dynamic things on his own personal blog.  He’s changed the color scheme from the classic blue to chrome, which really makes the SL Group Ribbon stand out that he has stretched across the upper right corner.  Fred also has a blogroll, but his is pulled in from his Google Reader account.  The blogs he reads are automatically populated into the sidebar, which is extremely convenient for keeping updates sustainable.  What really caught my eye though is his New Years Resolution, 366 Days of Music.

“I figured I would challenge myself and try to use music producing software (I’m not a musician or composer) to create music pieces and put them up here for others to freely use. These are licensed for anyone to use under Creative Commons with attribution.”

So by the end of the year, he’ll have created a library of 366 clips that you can use in your projects.  And yes, he’ll try to accommodate requests 🙂   Of course, he has plenty of other content to share with you including his bookmarks for the week.  Great stuff to peruse there, well worth spending a free period exploring.

So give your fellow STAR’s blogs a visit and leave them a comment or two while you’re there.  And don’t forget that as a STAR Discovery Educator, you do get a free blog of your own!  Give it a visit and start making it your own.  We’ll be watching for it 🙂


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